2017 Slurry Seal Project

The City of Toledo will begin providing a slurry seal to local streets the week of September 18, 2017 in an ongoing effort to provide preservation techniques to the local roadways.

A slurry seal is a thin layer of asphalt emulsion, rock and sand that is used to seal existing pavement against intrusion of water, fill in small cracks, provide uniform surface and restore surface friction, which improves drivability and skid resistance.

This project will be completed by contract to Blackline Inc. with the help of Road & Driveway and is expected to be completed by early October 2017.  Although there will be equipment in localized areas during this work, traffic disruption should be minimal and without delays and/or detours.

The project areas include the following:

  • NW Magnolia Street
  • SE 9th Street from SE Fir St to SE Gaither Way
  • SE 8th Street from SE Fir St to SE Gaither Way
  • SE Elder Street from SE 2nd St to SE 6th St
  • SE Beech Street from Graham St to SE 4th St
  • SE Kauri Street
  • SE 18th Street from SE Kauri St to SE Donelle St
  • SE Donelle Street
  • NW 12th Place

As the project gets closer, representatives of the contractor will be providing Public Notice flyers to the local residents for advance notice of pending street work.

Should anyone have any questions/concerns regarding this project, please contact the Public Works Director at 541-336-2247 Ext 2070 or email pwdirector@cityoftoledo.org

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