Sanitary Sewer Overflow

Sanitary Sewer Overflow

The City of Toledo is authorized by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Waste Discharge Permit (NPDES) to construct, install, modify, or operate a wastewater collection, treatment, control and disposal system and discharge to public waters adequately treated wastewaters only from authorized discharge point or points and only in conformance with all the requirements, limitations, and conditions set forth within the permit.

During a storm event or pump station failure, untreated wastewater may be discharged from pump station overflow points, and/or from sanitary sewer manholes.  Typically, overflows discharge either directly &/or indirectly into a receiving stream waters. When this occurs, the City will take as many reasonable steps as possible given the particular event to prevent discharges to surface water.  In so doing, the City will remove as much wastewater debris as possible, flush hard surfaces with water, and/or cover with hydrated lime.

If you experience a sewer back-up, call Toledo Public Works at 541-336-2247 during normal business operating hours and choose Option 1 to report the problem; you may call Police Dispatch at 541-336-5555 on weekends/holidays and between 5:00 pm – 8:00 a.m.  We’ll dispatch staff and equipment to investigate and clean out the main sewer line if needed.

If the problem is in the service line between the sewer main and your house, you should contact a plumber to diagnose the problem or a private sewer cleaning service to have the line cleared. 

Click on Public Notification & Spill Response Plan to learn more about our response and reporting measures.