The Toledo City Council has several committees that serve in an advisory role regarding various topics and issues affecting the community. Below is a list of current committee members, purpose of the committee, and description of each committee requirements regarding term limits, membership and residency. The Toledo City Council and staff appreciate the time and services provided by the volunteers of our community.

Interested community members are encouraged to submit a volunteer application to the City Recorder’s office at Toledo City Hall. Applications are available online, or in person at City Hall, 206 N. Main Street, Toledo, OR 97366.

Committee Application | Current Committee Vacancies


7 Resident Registered Voters and all Members of City Council | 5 year term | Established by ORS. 294.336

Purpose:  to receive the budget message, review the proposed budget, provide opportunity for public input, and approve the budget and tax rates

Jim Chambers

Rod Cross

Larry Davis

Bob Deming

Chuck Gertulla




2 citizens-at-large | no term limits established | Established by Toledo Municipal Council Policy 902, May 5, 1999

Purpose: to make limited funds available or provide in-kind services to social service and civic organizations

One member of City Council

One member of Staff

One member of the Budget Committee

Sharon Kanaref

Sharon Kelly


5 Residents | 5 year term | Established by Toledo Municipal Code Chapter 2.08.010

                                           Purpose: recommend feasibility of the City granting franchises for public utilities within the city limits and change in terms of    existing  franchise agreements  and changes upon application of renewal by franchise holders.

Mayor (ex officio)

City Attorney (ex officio)

City Manager (ex officio)

Rod Cross

Larry Davis

Bob Deming

Stu Strom

vacancy (term ending 12/31/2017)


5 residents or 4 residents and one non-resident | 4 year term | Established by Toledo Municipal Code Chapter 2.24.040


Seanna Dahl

Shawna Henarie

Sarah Gayle Plourde

Nita Rose

vacancy (term ending 6/30/2019)