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City of Toledo Annual Financial Report 2013

City of Toledo 2013-14 Budget


Utility Billing


Water Rate Information


The City of Toledo Municipal Code establishes and regulates the City's water system and requires that all rates and charges to be paid by users be fixed by resolution of the City Council.


The City collects a facilities charge, service charge and water use charge from all water users. The facilities charge is $22.00 per unit with one unit equaling one 5/8-inch meter equivalent. The charge is increased by the following meter equivalent factor for any meter larger than the 5/8-inch minimum size:


Capacity Factors Meter Size Equivalent
5/8 inch 1
3/4 inch 1.5
1 inch 2.6
1 1/4 inches 4.1
1 1/2 inches 5.9
2 inches 10.5
3 inches 23.6
4 inches 41.9
6 inches 94.3
8 inches 167.5
10 inches 261.0
12 inches 377.0


The service charge is $5.00 per meter. The water use charge is $4.25 for each 1,000 gallons of water used.


Water Meters & Valves


City water meters and valves may only be operated by City Public Works. Unauthorized turn-on or turn-off of water meters or valves may result in a service charge, plus charges for any damage to City equipment.

Sewer Rate Information


Each residential or commercial customer's sewer charge is a flat rate of $11.05 per month plus $14.65 per one thousand gallons of treated water based on the average amount of water that customer used during the months of January through April. Every May the utility department refigures each customer's average usage.


Payments should be made to:

City of Toledo
P.O. Box 220
206 N. Main Street
Toledo, Oregon 97391

Office hours: 8:00am through 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays).

We accept VISA/MasterCard/Discover payments.


Business License Information

The City of Toledo Municipal Code requires any person engaging in or carrying on any business within the City limits to make application for a business license unless specifically exempt by State or Federal statute. The application form is available at Toledo City Hall, 206 N. Main Street and must be submitted with the license fee (see schedule below) and a non-refundable $25.00 processing fee prior to issuance of a business license.


The business license fee is based on a fiscal year with a June 30th expiration date.


Toledo's business license fee schedule is as follows:


Number of Employees Fee
1 or 2 $40.00
3 to 5 $60.00
6 to 10 $85.00
11 to 20 $125.00
21 to 50 $200.00
In excess of 50 Employees $300.00