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City of Toledo Public Works

The City of Toledo Public Works department is responsible for maintaining the potable water distribution system, the wastewater collection system, the stormwater system, road side signage, fleet and equipment, and streets. The office of the Public Works Director is located at City Hall. 

ODOT Grant Funded Toledo Transportation System Planning Project

City Shops

Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant


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10th and Main Waterline Repair

River Intake System & Repair Effort

Water Treatment Plant Clear Well

Reservoir Intake Inspection


2013 Water Quality Report - CCR

2012 Water Quality Report - CCR

2011 Water Quality Report - CCR

2010 Water Quality Report - CCR

Inflow and Infiltration Study May 2011

Public Infrastructure Design Standards Manual - DRAFT

Mill Creek Forest Stewardship Plan - DRAFT

Waterfront Connectivity Plan

Water System Capital Improvement Update

Water System Master Plan - DRAFT

Wholesale Water Rates Analysis - DRAFT


City of Toledo Public Works Department

206 N Main Street
P.O. Box 220
Toledo, Oregon 97391

Phone: 541-336-2247
Fax: 541-336-3512

Open Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Marc Howatt, Public Works Director