Employee Safety and Wellness Committee

To report an employee safety issue, you may email the Safety Committee or complete the form at the bottom of the page. The City of Toledo Employee Safety and Wellness Committee meets on the third Thursday of each month.


The purpose of the City of Toledo Safety Committee is to bring workers and management together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace. The employer shall see that workers are properly trained, instructed and supervised in the safe operation of any machinery, tools, equipment process or practice which they are authorized to use or apply. Employees shall conduct their work in compliance with safety rule 437-40-55 included in the pamphlet titled “Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Code“.


  • Cassie Griffith – Co-chair
  • Tony Monroe – Co-chair
  • Cindy Olivieri
  • Dave Inman
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Zachary Dues


Incident Report

Hazard Communication


There are a variety of online trainings available through CIS Learn. For more information, or for help with login to the system, please contact Nancy Bryant (541)336-2247 x 2110. Our worker’s compensation insurance provider, SAIF, has a large library of online videos on various safety-related topics.


OSHA August 2015
OSHA – Workers Rights (2014)

RBH Newsletters


Please provide detailed information about the safety issue below. If the concern is causing eminent danger to persons or property, please contact your department’s Safety Committee Representative immediately.

[contact-form to=’safety@cityoftoledo.org’ subject=’Web-based Safety Complaint’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’/][contact-field label=’Would you like the Safety Committee to contact you about this issue?’ type=’checkbox-multiple’ required=’1′ options=’Yes,No’/][contact-field label=’Location of Safety Concern:’ type=’text’/][contact-field label=’Details:’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]