2016 Street Overlay Project Schedule

2016 Street Overlay Project Schedule

The Toledo Public Works Department has announced it’s 2016 Street Overlay Projects. In an effort to minimize the disturbance of newly paved streets this schedule has been submitted to local utility providers to avoid conflict with construction plans. The Public Works Department has also reviewed the City’s Water Master Plan and Wastewater Master Plan to avoid disruption of newly paved streets.

If your street is not listed on the following schedule and appears to be in poor condition, it may be due to a scheduling conflict with future utility work, or the street may have other issues that must be addressed by making improvements beyond the scope of street paving. More streets will be resurfaced in subsequent years.

A portion of the 2016 Street Improvements are funded through the Street Maintenance Program implemented in October of 2009 by Toledo City Council to provide a revenue stream for resurfacing, repair and road maintenance of the City’s transportation system.

For more information, contact the Toledo Public Works Department at (541) 336-2247  x 2130.


The following streets have been identified for improvements in the 2016 Street Overlay Project: This schedule is subject to change.

Early Summer 2016

The following streets will have some failed spots that will be excavated and repaired prior to the overlay. Streets will receive an average 1.5 inch overlay.

SE 7th Street from SE Fir Street to SE Gaither Way

SE Alder Lane Drive from SE Alder Way (lower intersection) to SE Maple Street

NW Aspen Street from Skyline to NW Elm Street

NW Elm Street

NW 11th Place

NW Deer Drive

 July/August 2016

The following streets are scheduled for slurry seal, a process that will provide a new wearing surface to streets that are generally in sound condition. This will also seal and fill small cracks that penetrate and saturate the road base. Prior to application of the slurry seal, unsound pavement areas will be excavated and repaired and surface irregularities will be filled. Larger cracks will be injected with a crack seal material. The slurry seal process gives additional life to streets but only adds about 3/8″ to the thickness of the pavement and won’t disturb drainage channels or driveway approaches.

NW Magnolia Street

SE 9th Street from SE Fir Street to SE Gaither Way

SE 8th Street from SE Fir Street to SE Gaither Way

SE Elder Street from SE 2nd Street to SE 6th Street

SE Beech Street from Graham Street to SE 4th Street

SE Kauri Street

SE 18th Street from SE Kauri Street to SE Donelle Street

SE Donelle Street

NW 5th Street from Sunset Drive to G Street

NW 12th Place

Late Summer 2016

The following streets will receive an overlay of 1.5 to 2 inches. In many cases, a pavement grinder will be used in advance of the project to reestablish the gutter line and other profile characteristics. Sections of failed pavement will be excavated and repaired. Any required work to meet Americans With Disability Act (ADA) requirements, such as handicap ramps on the sidewalks, will also be completed.

SE Gaither Way from SE 7th to SE 10th Street

East Graham Street from NE Beech to SE Elder Street

NE Beech Street from East Graham Street to Business Highway 20

SE Elder Street from SE Graham Street to SE 2nd Street

SE 2nd Street from SE Alder to SE Beech Street

SE Pine Street

SE Ammon Road from Sturdevant Road to 1409

SE Loren Lane

SE Laverne Drive

NW Sunset Drive from 12th Place to Dundon

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