What is the Collection System?

The City of Toledo wastewater collection system is the system of pipes and pumps that convey wastewater from homes, businesses, schools and factories to the wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater is considered to be any water that has been used for cleaning, sanitary purposes, food processing and conveying waste. In short, any water that has been used for some purpose and has become “dirty”.

Toledo’s collection system is comprised of a network of sewer pipes and pumps. The majority of the wastewater flow is gravity; meaning that the wastewater flows downhill until it either reaches the wastewater plant or a pump station. Wastewater that flows to a pump station is then pumped to another pump station or the plant. Pipes that convey flow by gravity are called gravity mains and pipes that convey pumped wastewater are called force mains. Wastewater flows from a residence in a small pipe called a lateral. The lateral is connected to a larger pipe called a sewer main. Sometimes the sewer main is connected to a larger sewer main. These mains are all gravity mains and eventually empty into a pump station or the wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater travels from the pump station via force mains to the plant or to another pump station and then to the plant. If you looked at a map of the sewer system you would see a system much like a river system with small streams joining larger streams, those streams joining even larger streams and rivers and eventually ending at a lake or the ocean.

City of Toledo Wastewater Treatment Plant Located at:

1105 SE Fir
Toledo, Oregon 97391


Matt MacPhail, Sr. Operator
Dale VanNatta, Jr. Operator